Every pet has different needs, therefore, prices may vary according to health and skin and/or behavior needs at the time of service. Many of our clients have busy schedules, work from home, are seniors or home-bound, and they understand that mobile grooming is an elite service.  Our prices will be higher than the prices found at your local vet office or salon, but our satisfied customers know…..IT’S  WORTH IT!

Advantages of Mobile Grooming:

  • Stress free environment.   No longer worry about your pet’s separation anxiety, car sickness or the stress on an elderly pet. 
  • Standing appointment.  Your pet will be well groomed on a regular basis by participating in our VIP Program.  
  • One-on-one personal service for you and your pet.  Get the personal attention you and your pet deserve.  
  • One to two hour service at your home.  You do not have to waste your day with 2 trips to the salon.
  • Fluff drying for lasting beauty – NO CAGE DRYING.  Your pet receives healthy treatment with a premium on their safety.  
  • Clean, sanitary & professional environment.  Keep your pet safe and healthy.  Feel free to inspect our mobile unit.  
  • Massaging bath with luxury, pet safe products! Your pet will be pampered in style.  
  • Eliminates exposure to other animals and their diseases and parasites.  
  • Eliminates car transportation.    
  • Serving Vero Beach, Vero Lake Estates, and the Indrio Road area of St. Lucie County. 

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