Advantages of Mobile Grooming

Every pet has different needs, therefore, prices may vary according to health, skin and/or behavior needs at the time of service. Many of our clients have busy schedules, work from home, are seniors or home-bound, and they understand that mobile grooming is a luxury service.  Our prices will be higher than the prices found at your local vet office or salon, but our satisfied customers know…..IT’S  WORTH IT!

Advantages of Mobile Grooming:

  • Stress free environment. No longer worry about your pet’s separation anxiety, car sickness or the stress on an elderly pet being in a cage or shop for hours. 
  • Standing appointment with our VIP Service. Your pet will be well groomed on a regular basis by participating in our VIP Program (every 4 weeks).
  • One-on-one personal service for you and your pet. Get the personal attention you and your pet deserve.  
  • One to two hour service at your home. You do not have to waste your day or gas with 2 trips to the salon.
  • Fluff drying by hand for safety. – NO CAGE DRYING. Your pet receives loving, gentle  treatment with a focus on safety.  
  • Clean, sanitary & a professional environment.  Keep your pet safe and healthy.  Feel free to inspect our mobile unit.  
  • Massaging bath with luxury, pet safe products! Your pet will be pampered in style.  
  • Eliminates exposure to other animals and their diseases and parasites.  
  • Eliminates car transportation for those pets that get anxious.